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When you travel to Africa, you will experience a lot of art in the culture. One of the most beautiful arts is African music. Africans have a unique style in their genres because of their traditional instruments and traditional tunes. Some of the instruments are available for purchase and are not expensive. If interested look for the following: Oud, Nyatiti, Jembe, Oriti, Flute and Kayamba. Even if you cannot play them, they make beautiful sets to hang on the wall. They also serve as fantastic souvenirs.

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This tour visits the African Heritage Gallery, the first Pan African gallery in Africa, which features authentic artifacts from the peoples of Africa.

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The Bomas of Kenya is a miniature Kenya! It is situated 10 kilometers from Nairobi City Center and about 1 km from the main entrance to the game-filled Nairobi National Park.

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