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From the raised decks with incredible views, stress-free living in the wild to lots of fun and outdoor activities; Maasai Mara luxurious camps and lodges are unmatched in providing the best accommodation facilities, with the best panorama, in one of Africa's greatest wildlife reserves. Experience all these at the comfort of your choice. Here are some options to get you started.

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The Big Cat Diary is a nature documentary series on BBC television that has been running since 1996. The series, which is filmed in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, follows the lives of African wild cats such as the cheetah, the leopard and the lion. Big Cat Diary has grown over the years. It has a feature known as Big Cat Live where the cameras and the explorers give us live footage of the cats in the wild. Following the series can get you emotionally attached to some of the stories and characters. The animals get names. The cameras follow their lives and you can almost relate to their stories like real people. As they shoot year round, make sure you catch one of the Big Cat Diary's biggest sensations i.e. the Great Wildebeest Migration.

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They journey across the Serengeti into the Mara is not devoid of adventure. The wildebeests have traveled scores of miles to face one of the greatest task at hand. Many of them hardly know that fate is preparing a cauldron of death in their dip across the Mara River. There are some that do know it.

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