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When one thinks of travelling, they ready their troops and embark on a group trip with the ones they love. That is all fine and dandy but sometimes it's good to take some alone time and see the world by ones lonesome. But for ladies this is hard to do especially if they are planning a trip to African countries, because most have a fear of what could happen if they went at it alone. Well we say, put your fears aside and see why it would be one of the best trips you will take.

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You are going on a safari, how do you ensure that you make the best of your experience and make the safari extraordinary? Think outside the norm – take a different approach to the classic safari that consists of driving around in the relative safety of a 4x4 vehicle to see and photograph the wildlife. There is more to a good safari than an album full of pictures. Have you considered getting up close and personal to wildlife on a horseback safari?

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When one hears Kenya they think of beautiful beaches, scenic views and the sunny side of the equator. So when the travel advisory came to be and most of the tourists heed the advice and left the country it was a blow not only to tourism but to nature and the adventurer at heart.

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xplorato-aboutWith a strong emphasis on sustainable travel practices Xplorato Ventures can provide you with anything from classic to luxury safaris.
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