Esther Gacheru

Esther Gacheru

Esther Gacheru is an aspiring Business Analyst in Nairobi who is currently nurturing an agribusiness project. Her most indulged passions include listening to music, giving back to the society, travelling and writing about her travels.
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The sunrays rise in the cloudless skies melting away the morning blues as the day gently unfolds. Driving through Nairobi's Central Business District, you pass skyscrapers, billboards, motor freeways and flyovers with carefree drivers whizzing by scarcely contemplating the developments and innovations around them that barely existed a decade ago.

You drive on, arriving at the gates to Nairobi National Park and as the city's hustle and bustle fades away, everything around you starts to transform. You catch the wind's sighing, the leaves' rustling, and the birds' chirping. The park is teeming with wildlife and the endless rolling plains, riverine woodlands and thick bush-lined valleys are just a few of the park's varied habitats that majestically reveal themselves the farther on you drive. As you delve deeper into the mysteries of the park, a stunning realisation dawns – you are in the presence of wildlife with a backdrop of an entire throbbing and buzzing city! Where else can you find this?

The sundowner is an essential part of safari life and dates back to the time of the great game hunting safaris of the 1920's when cocktails were always served as the sun began its descent and the wildlife were ideally emerging into the cool of the evening. Today, though the hunting days are gone, the tradition of the sundowner endures – with good reason. To the uninitiated, it may be difficult to envision the exceptional treat and Africa safari experience in store. However, for old hands, it is one of the golden joys of safari life... a perfect end to a remarkable day in an incomparable land.

The camp is an architectural delight built to utilise and preserve its natural surroundings – it conveys the classic dreamy Hollywood image of Africa. It offers complete tranquillity and privacy and is picturesquely set in undulating savannah backdrop and dwarfed by the commanding presence of the pink-tinged, snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Kibo Safari Camp is definitely one of Kenya's best-kept secrets.

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