Esther Gacheru

Esther Gacheru

Esther Gacheru is an aspiring Business Analyst in Nairobi who is currently nurturing an agribusiness project. Her most indulged passions include listening to music, giving back to the society, travelling and writing about her travels.
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A walking safari you say? In the Kenyan wilds? With peckish lions around you without the comfort of a hulking vehicle between you? Yes, that is what I am saying. Remember: the original safari was a walking safari. Admittedly, nowadays, the words 'walking' and 'safari' may not seem natural bedfellows but throw in a good knowledgeable guide, a stoic outlook and a sturdy pair of boots and your outlook on life will be changed.

You are going on a safari, how do you ensure that you make the best of your experience and make the safari extraordinary? Think outside the norm – take a different approach to the classic safari that consists of driving around in the relative safety of a 4x4 vehicle to see and photograph the wildlife. There is more to a good safari than an album full of pictures. Have you considered getting up close and personal to wildlife on a horseback safari?

Entry requirements vary from country to country. Whether you are travelling to new and exciting areas or revisiting already explored regions, it is vital that you are prepared for your journey.

Valid passports or other travel documents acceptable to the Government of Kenya are required for all persons other than Kenya citizens wishing to enter Kenya. Travellers to Kenya should ensure that the validity of their passports is at least six months beyond the end of their intended stay. Kenyan immigration authorities require a minimum of one blank (unstamped) visa page in the passport to enter the country. If a traveller intends to leave the airport or pass through immigration, a visa is required. Effective 1st July 2011, most travellers including minor children (persons aged 16 years and below – who were previously exempted from visa payment and other formalities) require a valid visa to travel to Kenya. Whilst entry point passes for children are available for some citizens and passport holders, it is wise to obtain valid entry visas well in advance. Parents of minors who opt to obtain entry point visitor's passes will be issued with Single Journey visas and may encounter delays upon arrival.

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