Ernest Wamboye Wakhusama

Ernest Wamboye Wakhusama

Ernest Wamboye is a writer and editor working in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also a volunteer Brand Ambassador at and an origami artist and storyteller at Arts & OAK, a company that he founded. Ernest is married to Waturi and they both live in Nairobi, Kenya.
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On the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd 2013, Westgate mall in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, was held hostage by a militia terrorist group known as the Al-shabaab. The group mainly consists of insurgents from the war-torn State of Somalia. The recent attack in Nairobi affirmed new evidence that the group is now recruiting from other countries; among the terrorists were a Briton and some Americans. In light of the recent attack, it is a normal reaction to be skeptical about travelling to Kenya for holiday and tourism. Fear no more, beloved tourist. Here is why:

When travelling to and fro certain countries in Africa, there is a need at times to get inoculated against the yellow fever. While it is highly recommended by health authorities, it is not compulsory each time you travel to and fro Kenya.

Our elephants are depreciating are jaw-dropping rates. However, thanks to initiatives such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, elephant cubs and endangered species in Kenya can be preserved. The trust was formed in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick. She named the trust after her late husband who was a renowned naturalist and the founding warden of the current Tsavo East National Park that harbours millions of wildlife. Today, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa. It is quite near the Nairobi National Park and it makes a fantastic tourist destination. While visiting DSWT, you may want to consider the following accommodation options:

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